Capability Statement

Marine Personnel

Our senior surveyors / consultants hold qualifications from the United Kingdom and have experience as Master, Chief Engineer and Owners’ Superintendents. They have experience in the following:

  • General Cargo
  • Tankers
    • Crude
    • Refined
    • Chemical
    • Gas
  • Container
  • Hydrofoils
  • Bulk Cement
  • U.M.S. / E.O.
  • Ocean Tugs
  • Passenger
  • Ice Breakers


Services Provided


  • On/Off Hire Surveyors
  • Bunker Surveyors
  • Gas Free Chemists (H. K. Government Approved)
  • Confined Spaces Operational Planning (H. K. Government Approved)
  • Towage Calculations, Planning and Approval
  • Magnetic Compass Adjustment (AMSA Certificated Unlimited) and repairs
  • Appraisal and Valuation
  • Safety Inspections
  • Flag State Inspections and Investigations (Bahamas Maritime Authority, Barbados Ships' Registry, Panama Register, Jamaica Ship Registry)
  • Insurance Condition Surveys
  • Lifting Appliances and Equipment
  • Boilers and Pressure Vessels
  • Cargo Division
    • Tank Calibration
    • Tanker Outturn Quantities
    • Cargo Weighing
    • Container Outturn and Stuffing surveys
    • Quality Control


  • Passenger Vessels’ Fire Fighting and Lifesaving Equipment and Procedures
  • Tanker Berthing Operations and Mooring calculations and operation
  • Heavy Lift Planning
  • Cargo Lashings calculations and superintendency
  • Project cargo planning and superintendency


  • Investigation
  • Speed and Angle of Blow Calculations
  • Oil Pollution
  • Salvage Operation Planning
  • Hull Damage
  • Machinery Damage
  • Cargo Damage
  • Personal Injury (Health and Safety)
  • Lifting Equipment Failure
  • Speed and Consumption Claims
  • Berth and other Damages
  • Expert Witnesses
  • Hatchcover Ultrasonic Leakage Detection (Sherlog Equipment Certified Operators)
  • Claims Settling

We maintain an extensive stock of equipment such as hydrocarbon gases/ oxygen meters, ultrasonic thickness gauges, magnetic compass testing instruments and spare parts for most types of compasses and their binnacles.